John Ussa

Whether you are from Mumbai , Pune , delhi , Hyderabad , chennai , Kerala or from any other part of india , if you are looking to become an airline pilot HM aviation should be your first option . They have each and every course in aviation you think about , they take students … More John Ussa

Mahyru kahn

Hi everyone I had referred one of my cousin to HM aviation for pilot training after good research . I should say it was a good decision to refer him to them .they have me a fair idea about the industry and then they live upto it .they told me everyone Has put in a … More Mahyru kahn

kushal dixit

Hi guys Today I would like to inform you that my younger brother sunny did pilot training through HM aviation , they were very helpful , supportive and for sure there cadet pilot program in one of best in the market . It caters to all airline pilot requirement . Therefor if anyone is looking … More kushal dixit

Abhik Mishra

Good time to join any aviation courses as the industry is experiencing its biggest boom . Good idea to go with one of the best in the industry . Ideal time to start your commercial pilot license training .

Vivek dwivedi

Got an opportunity to interact with students from HM aviation they gave me an idea they are a fair aviation college . They also informed that one needs to give his best effort if he looking to become an aviator whether it’s airline pilot , flight dispatcher or cabin crew everything needs an actual effort … More Vivek dwivedi

John Rox

If your dream is to fly high only one name Comes for that HM aviation . They with there cadet program are able to turn many flying dreams into reality . They have trained and graduated couple very good students who are now working with top airlines as pilots .One stop solution HM aviation friends

Shivani Sharma

HM Aviation is very knowledgeable about flying skills in the world, and has a lot of experience setting students up with them.  The schools HM Aviation sends students to have all the latest equipment, and training techniques necessary to succeed in today’s world of aviation.  The schools are constantly evaluated so these standards are maintained.  … More Shivani Sharma