shaurav shing

I’ve always fantasized about living the “jet set” lifestyle.  From traveling as a passenger when I was younger, to watching movies about the airlines, it has always been a life-style I have wanted.  Serving good food and beverage, while putting a smile on people’s faces has always been what I’ve wanted to do.  Putting that with getting paid to travel and see the world, being a cabin crew member would be the perfect job.

I soon learned one cannot just walk into a cabin crew job.  The airlines are looking for the best.  They want someone who is well trained, and who can handle a great deal of pressure.  I wanted to become a cabin crew member with a prestigious airline, but didn’t know how to be one of the best.

HM Aviation in Chennai had the solution.  The councilors were knowledgeable beyond my wildest expectations, and were well connected with the best training institutes.  If I wanted to succeed, they told me, I had to put forth maximum effort.

I am ready to begin my training for cabin crew.  I know it will take effort, but my dream job is going to soon be reality.


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