vijay Shankar

With every job, with every career, there are responsibilities an individual must accept.  Few people think of the awesome responsibilities a pilot has.

Some are obvious, some not as much.  The pilot is responsible for all the lives of the people aboard the aircraft.  Any mishap or major error can end or endanger the lives of the passengers.  This not only results in the loss of life, but in potential law suits in the millions or even billions of dollars.  The other obvious responsibility is that of the aircraft.  Small aircraft cost tens of thousands of dollars; airlines can cost hundreds of millions of dollars per aircraft.  Any misjudgement can destroy or damage the aircraft, resulting in huge insurance claims and huge losses for the operator.  The pilot is responsible to minimize the chances of this ever happening through their superior judgement.

Other responsibility which may not be so obvious is the efficient and profitable operation of an aircraft.  An example of this is in selecting the most efficient route and cruising altitude.  You want to maximize tailwinds, and minimize headwinds.  You want to avoid areas of storms or turbulence.  An airliner carries hundreds of thousands of pounds of fuel.  Mismanagement of fuel or route planning can turn the flight from being profitable to creating a loss for the airline.  All of this must be done in accordance with Air Traffic Control, so the pilot must know how to deal with the entire situation when planning the flight.

Some of these skills can be taught in flight school; others must be gained with experience.  HM Aviation searches the globe to find the best flight schools to send students to teach these necessary skills.  The student must bring a positive attitude and a willingness to learn if he or she wants to succeed.  This professional attitude and willingness to learn and gain experience must continue with the student even after they have graduated from the flight school to be successful.


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