Bhupendra Singh

The first time at an airport as a young child, I saw sleek metal airplanes taxi to and from the gates.  Passengers got on and off, but most importantly I saw the pilots.  I looked at their uniforms, and gold bars, and was told they were the ones operating the airplanes, and getting the passengers where they wanted to go.  I knew immediately what I wanted to do.

I got to look in the cockpit of an aircraft on the ground, and wondered how the pilots dealt with all the “dials and gauges”.  I wondered how anyone managed all that, and doubted I ever would.  As I got older, friends and family told me to pursue a more “practical” career.  No matter how hard I tried, I could not get over my fascination with flying.  It looked like a challenge, but it was a challenge I wanted to face.

When I became old enough to pursue a career I contacted several flying schools, and asked them about flight lessons.  Everyone told me they were the best, and I didn’t know who to believe.  Finally I contacted HM Aviation, and they definitely knew the aviation industry.  The councilors advised me to train overseas and to come back to India when I was done.  Asia has the fastest growing economy, but is not always the best place for flight training.  Going overseas was a very scary prospect for me.

The councilors at HM Aviation told me they had carefully selected the best flying schools in the world.  They told me they would stand behind me every step of the way, and would ensure I got the best possible flight training.  HM aviation is always in contact with their schools, and knows exactly where each student is in their program.

I visited the HM Aviation office, and had the opportunity to talk with one of their past graduates who had just been promoted to an A320 captain.  He told me he trained in Florida, and was more nervous than I was about leaving home to study.  HM Aviation kept their word, and kept in contact.  They contacted the flight school at least once a week, and had to account for any part of the student’s training program not going according to schedule.  He told me the school had instructors with thousands of hours of experience, and we able to use their experience for practical purposes both in flight training and ground school.  The aircraft had all the most modern equipment, and were well maintained.  They also had state of the art flight simulators which aided in training.  He said they even arranged a trip to Disney World on one of the weekends.  He was so impressed with the training; he accepted a position as a flight instructor. The friendships he made and the fellowship with other pilots will last a life-time.  HM Aviation prepared him for the airline’s selection process upon returning home, and he secured a position as a first officer on an A320.  The flight skills and professionalism he learned got him promoted to captain.


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