Of all the different types of facilities in the world, nothing is more fascinating than the airport.  How all of the air traffic is directed around the airport.  The traffic and par Cades in an airport, making sure there is a smooth flow of traffic from departures and arrivals are all vital.  The location of security, gates, and even restaurants and gift shops in an airport are all important to running it smoothly.  I definitely wanted to be part of this!

Obviously a course in general management would not get me there.  I definitely needed specialized training.  I heard of flying courses, management courses, and maintenance courses, but I had no idea of what kind of course I’d need, or where I could train.  I contacted HM Aviation and asked if they knew anything about airport management courses.  The councilors told me I’d definitely come to the right place.  They knew all about building successful careers as airport managers.  New airports are being built all over Asia.  Existing airports are being expanded, both with new terminals and new runways to handle the growing traffic.  Never before had the job of airport manager been so vital, and never before had there been so many carrier opportunities in that field.

I have seen the New Delhi airport, and all the construction and growth around it.  I have been to airports such as the Hong Kong international airport, and have seen airports such as the London Heathrow airport, and all the changes they have been through.  With the right training, I will have the opportunity to be part of that!

The councilors told me they could set me up with the best training available if I was interested.  I did not want to pass up on such an opportunity, so I asked them to get things going.  They made arrangements quickly and seamlessly.  Everything was in order, and I am about to train for the most exciting career in the world.  HM Aviation made this all possible, and I would recommend them to anybody wanting a career in aviation.


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