Anshul chandel

I have always loved to travel, and wanted to see the world. At every part time job I’ve had going to school, I’ve always received many complements on my customer
service. Customers are vital to the success of any business, and I’ve always understood that. I wondered what career path could combine my customer service skills
with my interest of travelling and meeting new people. The airline industry seems to provide all this, as well as a life of adventure.

Of all the career opportunities provided by the airline industry, the cabin crew position seemed to be the best fit. My next step was to come up with a plan for
making this happen. The airlines take the cabin crew position very seriously. They want the best trained individuals for the position. I contacted the HM Aviation
office in Chennai. They have an excellent reputation for training pilots, so I thought they may know something about the cabin crew position. HM Aviation informed me
they were involved in training cabin crew as well as pilots. The growth in Asia’s airline industry meant there’d be opportunities never seen before in the industry.
I definitely wanted to take advantage of this opportunity, and was very impressed by the knowledge and professionalism of HM Aviation’s councilors.

The councilors told me one doesn’t just need good customer service skills to succeed as a cabin crew member. They must be able to keep calm and function under
difficult situations. They must have full knowledge of the aircraft, and emergency procedures. Cabin crew must also be able to direct passengers in the event of
emergency or abnormal situations. HM Aviation knew exactly what is required of a cabin crew member, and how to train to become one. I felt I was up to the challenge,
and decided to proceed.I am ready to start my cabin crew training, and know contacting HM Aviation was the best decision I ever made.


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