vivek dwivedi

I remember reading an article on how the airlines in India would be hiring again, after several slow years.  I’ve always thought being a pilot would be the greatest job in the world, but I did not want to invest so much money and end up with nothing.  Rather than forget about a flying career, I decided to look into it.

I contacted several flying schools, but knew I had to dig deeper.  Finally, I came across HM Aviation.  Their councilors were both honest and knowledgeable. They knew what was going on in the industry, and how to successfully achieve a flying career.  They were connected with the world’s best schools.  The councilors were able to arrange for me to go to a school that best suited my needs.

I had never been to New Zealand before, and thought it would be an interesting experience to train there.  The councilors were able to arrange for my visa, and they made the arrangement for my trip.  I was impressed with the quality of training, and even more impressed on how HM Aviation kept in contact, and stood behind all their students.

The excellence of training, the experience gained and the preparation for the airline’s selection process got me a position as an A320 first officer upon my return home.  The assistance provided by HM Aviation is what made this all possible.


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