Alok Nayar

After I turned 18, I went for my first ride in an airplane. It was the most thrilling experience of my life. The excitement and the freedom is not something you can imagine until you experience it. I decided I definitely have to become a pilot.

My first instinct was to check out flying schools in India. A friend told me about HM Aviation. Since I had nothing to lose, I thought I’d contact them. I could not believe how much the councilors knew about the industry.

They informed me this is the best time for flight training, as Asia is experiencing growth like they’ve never seen. The other surprising thing they told me is that I’d be better off leaving India for my training. I went to the USA, the country with the most advanced aviation industry in the world. After a year of extensive training, and a year of flight instructing, I was ready to return home. The training I received and the preparation for the airline selection process netted me a job as a first officer on an A320.

My long time friend had always been interested in aviation and travel. Her interests were more geared towards customer service and the hospitality industry rather than actually flying an aircraft. She had been told a career as a cabin crew member might be what she enjoys.

My friend soon found out there is so much more to a cabin crew member’s job than one realizes. Looking professional, and being able to smile under difficult situations are obvious qualities required of a cabin crew member. A cabin crew member must also have knowledge of the aircraft, and emergency procedures. Airlines screen cabin crew applicants very carefully.

HM Aviation helped my friend come up with a plan for achieving her dream. They told her about the massive growth in the Asian aviation market, and that job opportunities had never been better. HM Aviation also stressed the importance of been professional and well trained.

With their vast contacts in the industry, HM Aviation was able to ensure she got the best possible training, and that she was employed at a reputable airline. She routinely flies routes to Australia and Dubai, and has the opportunity to visit so many more places on her vacation time.HM Aviation helped set my friend up in her dream career and life-style.


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