Gerry adoms

For as long as I can remember, I always had a burning desire to be a pilot. Flying on an aircraft was the biggest thrill of my life. How they fly aircraft around the
world has always fascinated me. It was always something I’ve dreamed of being part of.

When the time came to make my dream a reality, I desperately needed guidance. I need someone who knew the industry to point me in the right direction. Finding someone
was no easy task; I thought I was on my own. I heard about HM Aviation, and contacted their New Delhi office. I was very surprised with how friendly and
knowledgeable the career councilors were. They told me the aviation industry was experiencing growth never seen before, and that I had picked the perfect time. The
councilors also told me HM Aviation has contacts with the best flight schools from around the world. We discussed my goals, and where I would most like to fly. I
chose Florida, because they have some of the best flying schools in the world.

Upon returning home, HM Aviation continued their support. They helped prepare me for that lucrative airline job. I have joined an airline as a first officer on a
Boeing 737NG. Like most pilots new to an airline, I started on domestic routes, and will soon work my way up to international routes. The assistance provided to me
by HM Aviation was invaluable. I never could have achieved so much without their help!


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