Salvi kattar

Every profession requires the individual to become competent at certain skills, and to have a high knowledge level about their field.  Courses must be taken; practical and written exams must be taken.  One would never want a doctor doing surgery on them who did not know what they were doing, or who did not work hard in medical school.  The patient’s well-being or even life depends upon the skills of the doctor.

The same applies to a pilot.  A pilot must be able to make split-second decisions which affect the safety of others.  To do so, a pilot must be very knowledgeable about the aircraft, weather, and air traffic control to name a few.  A pilot not only must be able to skilfully operate an aircraft, but must analyze and solve complex problems.  First class training as well as effort on the student’s part are required.

HM Aviation is very knowledgeable about flying skills in the world, and has a lot of experience setting students up with them.  The schools HM Aviation sends students to have all the latest equipment, and training techniques necessary to succeed in today’s world of aviation.  The schools are constantly evaluated so these standards are maintained.  The onus is on the student to take maximum advantage of the high quality flight training offered by schools HM Aviation is affiliated with, and put forth maximum effort.


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