Aashi singh

The information age has spread new light on almost everything, including the pilot career.  It was commonly believed a pilot was a job of all fun and no work.  All a pilot as to do is turn on the auto-pilot, and sit back and relax, right?  A friend told me this when I said I was interested in becoming a pilot.  The truth is that when a pilot does his or her job properly, it looks easy to the passenger.

As I leaned quickly during my flight training, the actual flying of the airplane is not the hard part.  Typically, one solos in about 10-15 hours.  Needless to say, that is not even the beginning of becoming a pilot.  There is airmanship; learning to operate an aircraft properly and professionally, not just safely.  One has to learn about navigation, how to deal with unusual and emergency situations, among others. Also, I was near the end of my flight training before I even touched an aircraft with an autopilot.  The autopilot seen on the airliners and corporate jets flies the aircraft, but does not alleviate the pilot from one single responsibility.

HM Aviation has contacts with the best flying schools in the world.  The constantly check schools to make sure the students are making progress.  In spite of HM Aviation’s commitment to its students, the student must put maximum effort in at all times if they want to succeed.  If they don’t study, or won’t put maximum effort forth in the aircraft, there is nothing the instructor or HM Aviation can do to make the student succeed.  HM Aviation makes sure the student has all available resources available, but the student must ALWAYS put forth maximum effort.  When the student does this, they are part of a winning combination.


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