Rasmi Singh

Flying has always had glamour and excitement tied to it. From travelling to exotic places in the airlines, to air shows, to the barn-storming days, aviation has always attracted interest. What has not always been so obvious is the work and commitment necessary to become a pilot. Flying involves a huge financial commitment, as well as a huge commitment in terms of time and effort. The airline pilot and the air show pilot did not get to where they are without a lot of study and practice.

Many different pilots have many different goals. Some want to become airline or corporate pilots. Others want to be aerobatic or air show pilots. Others become flight test examiners or investigators. Whatever goals a pilot has, many people are depending on him or her to do their job competently.

HM Aviation has experienced councillors to assist them in achieving their goals. They assist the student in finding the right school, and right training environment suited to their individual goals. They also provide assistance for students finding jobs and developing careers. However, a student’s hard work is the only thing which will achieve a successful career. HM Aviation can make opportunities available to the student, but the rest is up to the student.


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