Deepti Bajpai

I was very excited about a career in aviation. A number of years ago, I heard there were too many pilots chasing too few jobs in India and abroad. About a year ago, I heard that trend has reversed. A record number of aircraft have been ordered world-wide, while the number of students studying flying has declined. This has meant there will be a record number of pilots hired. India is expected to be at the top of the growth in the aviation world.

Many students and would-be pilots have thought that meant that because there is to be a lot of hiring, that pilots could take it easy on their flight training course and put no effort in. HM Aviation assists students in finding the best flying schools in the world. They are dedicated to each student’s career. However, they cannot do the student’s course for them. That is the sole responsibility of the student.

As with every profession, there are skills that need to be mastered. There is theory that must be learned. There are both practical and written exams a candidate must clear to prove they deserve a pilot’s license. Piloting is an exciting career with a limitless future for those who put forth the effort.


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